UM Police Department

UM's specially trained officers are available 24 hours a day to respond to sexual assaults on campus. Officers will attend to the immediate safety and medical needs of the victim, as well as request an advocate. UM police officers will discuss all reporting options and resources available to the victim.

UMPD works in partnership with the University and the city of Missoula to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, working, researching and otherwise engaging in educational programs. UM police will take all steps necessary, including calling in local law enforcement partners as needed, to ensure a thorough and complete investigation into any sexual assault reported on campus.

UMPD officers are law enforcement officers with the same powers of arrest, training and equipment as any in the state. A 24/7 dispatch operation answers calls and directs appropriate responders. UM officers will provide victims with a SARC advocate if wanted and will provide information about appropriate medical care, including evidence collection. Officers will help each victim understand her/his options to file a crime report, and about filing a report with the campus Title IX coordinator or the dean of students for additional services and campus follow-up. Anyone can report anonymously and receive access to resources.


  • Immediate law enforcement response.
  • Attention to medical and safety needs.
  • SARC advocate connection.
  • First Step connection.
  • Discussion about options for filing a criminal complaint.
  • Third-party and blind reporting options.
  • Information about campus and city resources.

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University of Montana
UM Police Department

24-hour line: 911 or
Business line: 406-243-6131

UM Public Safety is in the Physical Plant building behind Washington-Grizzly Stadium; use the 24-hour entrance on the north side.

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