The Equal Opportunity director and Title IX coordinator coordinates UM's compliance with Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex. Contacting the EO allows UM to stop, prevent and address the effects of sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, relationship violence and retaliation involving UM students - whether it occurs on or off campus. A student contacting the EO will receive help obtaining needed services, accommodations or other assistance. Such measures may include: no contact directives, academic accommodations, changes to a living arrangement, transportation, counseling, and identifying an advocate to help secure additional resources on or off campus.

Contacting the EO does not ordinarily commit a student to pursuing an investigation into whether the University Discrimination policy was violated. If an investigation is undertaken, the EO acts as a neutral fact-finder. Students have a right to have a person of support during the campus processes. If a student asks for no investigation, the EO will consider the request and will balance considerations about the health and safety of campus against the desire not to have the report investigated. Confidentiality is protected to the extent possible. The EO also provides assistance in reporting to police.

If students report to the EO, they will not be disciplined by UM for any violation of UM's drug or alcohol possession or consumption policies that may have occurred in connection with the reported incident.

If the EO conducts an investigation and finds it is more likely than not that a policy violation has occurred, parties have options for review and appeal. The dean of students will impose appropriate sanctions on students found to have violated the policy. Sanctions may include eviction from campus housing, suspension, expulsion, probation, a warning or any other sanction set forth in the Student Conduct Code.


  • Provide information about resources, arrange interim measures and/or file a complaint.

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