Sexual assault is a serious crime that can have profound emotional and physical effects. It can happen between people who are married, dating, acquaintances or strangers. It can happen between people of opposite sex or of the same sex. And it ranges from unwanted touching to rape.

The Missoula Police, the University of Montana and multiple community advocate groups are working together to address these crimes - on campus or off -  with responses that help victims and enhance public safety. If you have been the victim of sexual assault, our immediate response is "How can we help?" In the Missoula community and at the University of Montana, you will find care, understanding and answers. Whether you were violated last night, last month or last year, you can find help.

When you call 911, it does not obligate you to file a police report. It does, however, help you open doors to services available in the community.

911 can help you:

  • Obtain emergency and nonemergency medical care.
  • Get immediate law enforcement response for your protection.
  • Intervene in a situation that may escalate to sexual assault.
  • Arrange a meeting with victim advocate services.
  • Understand your options by speaking with a police officer 24/7 even if you do not want to file a criminal report. 
  • Take criminal action against your offender.
  • Find counseling and support.

Report rape and sexual assault as crimes:

  • Missoula Police Dept., 911 or 406-552-6300
  • Missoula County Sheriff, 911 or 406-258-4810
  • UM Police Department, 406-243-4000

Rape and sexual assault victim advocate services:

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, the resources below can provide you with assistance and support.

  • Acquire temporary, safe shelter.
  • Connect with people who can explain the laws that protect you.
  • Tell your story to the right people when you are ready.
  • Connect with victim services providers and professionals.
  • Explore all your options on your own timetable.
  • Direct you to tips and resources for learning about sexual assault prevention.


Providence St. Patrick Hospital - First STEP Resource Center

24-hour line: 406-329-5776
Emergency Room: 406-329-5635
A specially trained nurse or nurse practitioner will meet clients/assault victims at a private, safe clinic. First Step examiner will provide comprehensive medical assessment, evidence collection, lab tests and medication as needed, and education/information. First Step provides on-site access to community advocates and law enforcement as requested. DNA evidence may be collected up to five (5) days after a sexual assault but is most likely to yield positive results the sooner it is collected. More>

Crime Victim Advocate Program 

Business line: 406-830-3830
Helps sexual assault victims understand options and obtain Temporary Orders of Protection, provides information on crime victim's compensation, and assists sexual assault victims through the judicial system, including checking on the status of individual cases. Crime Victim Advocates also helps victims of violent crime and stalking. (A TOP is a court order signed by a judge that prohibits someone who scares you from coming to your house or workplace and prohibits that person from having any contact with you.) More>

YWCA Pathways

24-hour crisis line: 406-542-1944 or 800-483-7858
Provides emergency crisis counseling, follow-up advocacy and shelter for sexual assault victims. Also offers support groups for victims including walk-in peer counseling; in-house licensed therapist; referrals to community resources; and legal, personal and medical advocacy. More>


Law Enforcement

Missoula Police Department

24-hour lines: 911 and 406-552-6300

Missoula County Sheriff

24-hour line: 911
Business line: 406-258-4810

City and county law enforcement officers are highly trained and are available 24/7 to respond to emergency and to nonemergency calls about sexual assaults. In cases of sexual assault, officers can explain the options for medical exams, counseling, advocacy and reporting assaults as crimes; officers will ask if the survivors want advocates present to help them understand the proceedings. These departments are responsible for all criminal investigations and can answer questions about the legal process. More>

Missoula County Attorney

Business line: 406-258-4737
The Missoula County Attorney’s Office reviews law enforcement investigations and decides whether or not to prosecute an alleged offender with a crime. This office charges a case when county prosecutors have probable cause and a reasonable probability of prevailing at trial; that is, when there is enough evidence to prove all elements of the crime(s) beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury. The prosecutors of the Missoula County Attorney's Office answer questions about what to expect when a case is prosecuted, consult with victims of crime about plea agreements and trial strategy, and prepare victims and their supporters for testifying in court at evidentiary hearings, trials and sentencing hearings. More>



Curry Health Center 

The Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC)

24-hour line: 406-243-6559
(only 24-hours during regular semesters)
Free, confidential (anonymous) support, information, referrals, and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. SARC is located upstairs through the east entrance of the Curry Health Center. More>

Counseling Services

Provides confidential individual, group, and couples therapy to UM students. In addition, Counseling Services serves the needs of students in crisis and facilitates off-campus referral when necessary. It is located at the west entrance of the Curry Health Center. More>

Medical Clinic (CHC-MED)

24-hour line: 406-243-4330
Provides medical care 24/7 during the fall and spring semesters when school is in session. CHC-MED can assist with medical concerns following a sexual assault. CHC does not collect evidence in sexual assault cases, but can make referrals for these services. Accessing medical services at Curry does not mean you have reported to the police. During the summer session, same-day care is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. More>


Other Campus Resources

UM Police Department

24-hour line: 911 or 406-243-4000
Business line: 406-243-6131

UM's specially trained officers are available 24 hours a day to respond to sexual assaults on campus. Officers will provide information and services for immediate protection. UM officers will explain options for medical exams, counseling and advocacy. And they will answer questions and explain both crime and campus reporting options. More>

Residence Life

Residence staff members are trained and knowledgeable about campus services and can help sexual assault victims find assistance. Staff can help victims acquire changes in housing. More>

The Dean of Students

At the request of victims this UM office investigates violations of Student Conduct Codes and imposes sanctions on student offenders, including suspension or expulsion. Filing a report here does not mean you’ve reported to the police. More> 

Equal Opportunity Office

Enforcing Title IX, this office works to stop and prevent sexual harassment. Filing a complaint here starts an investigation; offenders will be sanctioned through the Student Conduct Code process. A report here does not mean you've reported to the police. More>